Manning the bridge of the mothership is Gillian Parrish, a writer, instructor and student of somatic practices. Her poems and essays, which mostly get their start by way of walks with a recorder, have appeared in various journals, some linked below. Poems are forthcoming in several anthologies, including They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology Of Contemporary Collaborative Writing (Summer 2018) and Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene. An essay on poetry as betweenness is forthcoming in Far Villages: Welcome Essays for New & Beginner Poets (Summer 2019). A book of poems, of rain and nettles wove, is available from Singing Horse Press or SPD Books.

a wee review of wee poems
“woveness” in a collective glossary on ecopoetics in Jacket2
essay on Yang Jian’s ecological poetry
essay on Thalia Field’s Bird Lovers, Backyard
a renga essay
poem at the new year
another at the new year 
and another not me us poem

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