conrad pegues (story)

Conrad Pegues is first and foremost a writer who has taken years to come out of the closet and embrace his artistry. He is currently completing work on two novels. The Art of Disremembering is about the hero’s journey through personal hells to resurrect the dead and the living after a lynching. Elysian is how the story of a town that was once a plantation led to rebellion by a pecan tree before it is assassinated by an axe. Conrad’s love of language came from his rural-born Mississippi mother living in Memphis, Tennessee who told matter-of-fact stories about fighting haints (ghosts), hymn singing coons, folks helped or run crazy by hoodoo, two headed women, black men skinned alive without the mercy of a lynching, and visitations by the dead. She and so many of those country folks also suffered from a profound forgetfulness of things seen and said. Conrad wishes to remember their stories through an interpretive skill like that of a two-headed woman with one eye in the world of the flesh and the other in the world of the spirit.

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