george quasha (poems)

George Quasha is a poet, artist, and musician working with a principle-based poetics—axiality, liminality, configuration—in several mediums. His work with what he calls preverbs spans twenty years and currently is in its twelfth book. A preverb works inside given language to bring out the polysemous level of self-accurate thinking-speaking, and unlike a proverb remains previous to “wisdom” as oscillatory matrix of further life. Four vols. published: Verbal Paradise (preverbs) (Zasterle Press: Tenerife, Spain: 2011), Glossodelia Attract (preverbs) (Station Hill Press, 2015), The Daimon of the Moment (preverbs), (Talisman House Press, 2015), Things Done for Themselves (preverbs) (Marsh Hawk Press, 2015). A dialogue on the poetics of preverbs is on Jacket2:

His video art work since 2002 for which he has filmed well over a thousand artists, poets, and musicians in eleven countries saying what art is—art is/poetry is/music is (Speaking Portraits)—viewable in the current nine volumes at—received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2006 and is represented in the book art is (Speaking Portraits) (Performance Ideas: PAJ, 2016).

A full preverb series, axial drawings, and essays by others about the work:— Two essays on “ecoproprioception” from the forthcoming Poetry in Principle (Dispatches/Spuyten Duyvil)—“Healing Poetics” and “The Poetics of Thinking”: See also:

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