joe milazzo (poems)

Joe Milazzo is a writer, editor, educator, and designer. He is the author of the novel Crepuscule W/ Nellie and two collections of poetry: The Habiliments and Of All Places In This Place Of All Places. His writings have appeared in Black Clock, Black Warrior Review, BOMB, Drunken Boat, Prelude, Tammy, and elsewhere. His concern in the so-called “name poems” of Acrostic Aspic (such as “Marjoe Gortner” and “Herbie Nichols” published here) is with the conditions of celebrity as they are lived by non-celebrities, i.e., “you” and “me.” Or: I suppose these poems are all about minor celebrity, as their titles, borrowed from the outer limits of fame, suggest. Joe lives and works in Dallas, TX, and his virtual location is

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