john crowley (essay)

John Crowley was born in the appropriately liminal town of Presque Isle, Maine, the son of an Army Air Corps doctor.  He grew up in several states and has worked at several occupations (photographer, publicist, television writer, hack) and began publishing novels in 1975. Novels include the mothership’s great delight, the exquisitely mindbending, lyrical Engine Summer; a beautiful fox-minded tale, Beasts; the acclaimed modern fairy story Little, Big; the Ægypt Cycle of magical history (The Solitudes, Love & Sleep, Dæmonomania, Endless Things); The Translator (winner of the Premio Flaiano, Italy); and Lord Byron’s Novel: The Evening Land, and Four Freedoms.  A new novel, about Crows and death, will appear in Fall 2017. He teaches fiction writing and screenwriting at Yale University.  He has twin daughters and lives in northwest Massachusetts.

John kindly inaugurates spacecraft’s new fiction stream with some thoughts on sociopolitical powers, world-making, revelations and reversals–among them, love and worlds upside down.

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