jonathan skinner (poems)

Jonathan Skinner founded and edited the journal ecopoetics. His poetry collections and chapbooks include Chip Calls, Birds of Tifft, Warblers, and Political Cactus Poems. Recent essays, “Visceral Poetics” (on proprioception in Charles Olson and Michael McClure) and “Stirrup Notes: Fragments on Listening,” are forthcoming in volumes published by University of Iowa Press and Edinburgh University Press, respectively. He teaches in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick.

NOTE: Poems of April (2015 and 2016). The bluebells of ancient English woodlands. A “blue workshop” (Goethe, G.M. Hopkins, Cocteau Twins, Derek Jarman, Rayleigh scattering, “invasive” bluebells). Abandoning a broken umbrella in London, in a dream of Wallace Stevens. Sadness at the absence of hummingbirds in the Old World, as I admire James Aronhióta’s Stevens’s hummingbird photography. A walk in the local nature preserve (a seasonally flooded meadow on the River Leam), listening to a countersong of blackbird and robin. Thanks to G.M. Hopkins, E. Dickinson and M. McClure, for words and ideas in, respectively, the closing lines to “Darkness Weakened by Light,” “Nectar,” and “At the Flooded Meadow I Dream of Oceans.”

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